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Anie Cruz and Shay in The Vampire Squirting

Big boob exotic dancer Shay Lynn and Asian vampire lesbian Anie Cruz met in a church for some bloody vampire sex orgy. The horny vamps starting licking their boobs and pussies, but the vampire passion made them bite each other during the multiple orgasms. The Asian vampire Anie was so excited that she squirted all over Shay Lynn's face. This is another exclusive vampire sex production by Mistress Ania. Enjoy!
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Big Boobs Vampire Shay Lynn in Blood Bath

Big Boobs vampire Shay Lynn was unhappy with her old maid Maria. The lesbian vampire Shay tricked Maria with lesbian seduction and bit her in the bathtub squeezing as much blood as she could. Then Shay took a nice bloody bath licking and drinking blood in the bathtub while masturbating. During the kinky vampire orgasm the big boobs exotic dancer bit her own arm in ecstasy. This is another exclusive vampire sex episode by Mistress Ania. Enjoy!
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Kymberly Jane in Holy Transformation

This is another classic vampire sex movie brought to you by Mistress Ania. In this crazy horror sex film porno babe Kymberly Jane was bitten by a vampire while walking back home, after attending a swinger sex party. The big boob babe was able to escape the blood thirsty vampire by showing her big silver cross hanging on her necklace. Kymberly ran to the nearest church praying to god to stop the unholy transformation, taking place in her body. Check out this exclusive vampire porno movie and find out if her soul was saved. Enjoy!
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